Flower Fruit is a diary of our temporal and spatial relationship to trees. Behind the stillness, trees push through time and space on a timetable invisible to us. We see branches swaying in the wind, but we can’t see nutrients coursing from roots to crown.  The resulting slow growth of leaves, blossoms and fruit marks the time we count in months and years. In the photographs, multiple exposures amplify depth and stretch the boundary between tree and landscape.  This staggered effect creates a sense of time rushing past as if we could see the seasons changing before our eyes.    
As I photographed from spring to fall, I thought about my physical relationship with these giants. Moving from wide to close-up mimics my encounter with trees in the landscape. The more I learn about these towering plants, the more I want others to appreciate the important role they play in our environment. The longstanding connection between my work and nature takes on new meaning by calling attention to these lungs of the earth.